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The Beginning
You will have to read this from the beginning like any other book.

It is an experience I had in the early 1980s. That started all this.
And there was no Internet back in those days and it is even not so long ago.

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The Beginning

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Other lives in another time
About the Author

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This page contain written material experienced by a Gitte Christensen from Denmark born in the year 1951.

She did not only travel to her lives in the later period of Atlantis but have had experiences about 45 past lives in full.
Among these a life in a Binary Sun System.

She has been reluctant to reveal her memories to others ever since she soon after her overlook at the situation gave speeches about it in several New Age Groups.

Her way of seeing the experiences as a whole was not shared with the groups she visited. They all ready had a firm belief of how incarnation evolved and why.

She didn't see it as one life was an award for another life, neither that one life was a punishment for something you done in the past.
Her viewpoint of karma was simply like a role you play in a movie or a theater. That whether you had the role of a hero or a villain you had to do it the best way you could. The villains had an important role to play as well.

Mainly the New Age Groups were interested in karma as if it was some kind of punishment.
To her it was simply 'Cause and Effect' ! And that you did not learn anything unless you lived it !

There was a general claim that you always incarnated as the same gender.
If God send you here as man, you remained as a man all your incarnations.

You would not shift sexes as she did.

She also lived several lives simultaneously something that there was no understanding of. She even declared she had jumped forth and back in what we call a chronological timeline because she aimed for a specific experience that occurred in that specific time of our history.

She was furthermore told that no one could be aware of other lives with out regression and it was impossible to do it herself.
She was guided at the beginning but later she learned to travel in time by her self. She was thou guided by a light being that was obviously a human being at a higher state of evolution.

She is fully aware of that her lives is seen through her filter of emotions and state of mind at a given time or the lack of same.
It is NOT the truth about these periods, but simply how she saw it or 'didn't see anything' simply because she was focused otherwise.

Later she read a lot of material specifically about Atlantis that didn't fit her own observations of it.
She is however loyal the her first impression of what she saw and how she interpreted it since it might later make sense.

In the period she had most her past live experiences she took notes and it is from these notes she now writes her story.

She believes that there are many people all over this world that have had similarly experiences and they might feel relieved that they are not alone.

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First time on the internet
February 13, 2017

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The author wants it to be free for all people to read. Her common language is Danish but she prefer it to be written in English so all have a chance to translate it into their own native language.
She is not educated in the language so please forgive 'spelling faults' and eventual 'misunderstandings'. The good thing is; it the can easily be corrected.

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