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Life in a Binary Solar System    Life at a Positive Planet

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The Beginning
" I went to visit the meditation group in town where my friend the author worked as a light-channeller and healer many times. Some times I brought a friend with me or I came alone.

One evening I had taken a seat up front since there was a special speech and a meditation afterwards. The room was crowded with people since the speaker was a guest and very popular.
We were a bit late, and people kept coming.
I looked at the stage and all it's decorations with flowers and crystals and admired the display as I suddenly recognized a man that entered the room behind me. (I hadn't even turned around to see who he was ?) "Why is he here ?" my thought were, "He should not be here !"
Shocked by be own thoughts and feelings towards this man I turned around to see who he was ?
 I had never seen the man before in my life, and shook my head. He was a tall, slim man with dark hair and a beard. Very neat looking........."
(Quote: from Book 1, chapter 1)

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The Beginning
Chapter 1
Mahara watercolor by GC
How past life events was tricked out partly by a vivid dream, meeting someone I lived with before and other helpers stepped in...

Book 1, Chapter 1
BOOK 1 Chapter 2
A French Officer in the
A being of light suddenly emerged and helped me enter the body I once possessed as I was  Guillotined for committing a murder on a French soldier...

Read Chapter 2

Source of painting

Chapter 3
                unknown A 'height experience' where I traveled into frequencies of love and light...

Read Chapter 3
BOOK 1 Chapter 4
drawing by GC
Traveling in the light, and entering the life of Gabrielle and Daniel.

Read Chapter 4

Further info of external links that shows some scenery from that period where I lived as the laundry woman Gabrielle.
Using the River

Laundry in the 1800's


Box Bed

BOOK 1 Chapter 5
drawing by
The many lives that had a connection or influence on my present life, and the problem organizing them. In this chapter 14 lives are presented in synopsis.

Chapter 5
BOOK 1 Chapter 6
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Synopsis for eight lives, described here in Chapter 6.

Chapter 6
BOOK 1 Chapter 7
artist unknown

Three lives described in synopsis.
Information from the Being Of Light, that time is an illusion, there is only one time.

Chapter 7

Source of painting
ISBN: 9060111060

Medieval Texts and


Life in a Binary Solar System
Chapter 1
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Description of our base and the circumstances we lived under. Bonding with our mother.

Chapter 1

BOOK 2 Chapter 2
Dog People graphic by GC
Visiting The Dog People, the most talented engineers and technicians.

Chapter 2

BOOK 2 Chapter 3
The White Servants. A visit to the Army of Light's mother ship, where I was told that I once was 'one of them' !

Chapter 3
BOOK 2 Chapter 4
Baltic Sea object
Where I decided I wanted to go to the Mother Planet
and see for myself !
I involved my co-pilot in my plan of hacking the system that controlled the robots that were rigging the ships !

Other short memories I had from the life at the base.
What our spaceship looked like.

Chapter 4

Shortcut to Reader's Info abut the Baltic Sea Object.

Background photo in the above display is from Yakushima Island Japan. Photographer; Unknown.
Lemurs are from Madagascar but the photo is taken in California at The Oakland ZOO. You can visit their homepage under the small photo down below.

Life at a Positive Planet
aBOOK 3 Chapter 1
A description of the planet and it's people. My village and family.
Me feeling more at home in the woods with the animals, than with the human beings,
and what we was dictated to believe wasn't quite the truth about our reality.

Chapter 1
Source of photo/Photographer
BOOK 3 Chapter 2
More about my life with the animals and what caused the Counsel of Elderly to recommend a solution with my problem not thriving or fitting in.

Chapter 2
BOOK 3 Chapter 3
Earth seen from space
How I was invited to join what the Star Nations called The Program, being transported to another planet that suit my lifestyle better.

The shocking information The Being of Light gave me about the Mother Planet.


Chapter 3

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